Cold SBR - Carbon Black Masterbatch

Product Description

DIAPOL - WMB is produced through a process wherein oil emulsion and carbon black slurry, prepared by dispersing carbon black in the water by an intensive mechanical force, are added to SBR latex, and then this mixture is coagulated using only acid and no salts. DIAPOL - WMB therefore, shows the characteristic features of low ash contents, owing to the above coagulating process.

Various advantages that are possessed by DIAPOL - WMB is compared with those compounds prepared by a conventional dry mixing processes are enumerated hereunder:

1) Excellent carbon black dispersion and good processability
2) Mixing time saved through use of banbury mixer and roll mill
3) Saved electric power for mixing
4) Enabled banbury single stage mixing
5) Clean operation at customer's plant by eliminating or reducing the use of free carbon black
6) Easy stocking of raw materials with a compact storing space and no cold - flowing
7) Easy quality control on final products at customer's plant
8) Low water absorption, excellent resistance against exposure to steam and no metal corrosion due to its low ash content

By using DIAPOL - WMB, therefore, customers enjoy various advantages, such as an increase in their present mixing capacity, saving in capital outlay for a new plant, saving in product cost and possible improvement in labor environment, all of which in a single stroke, result in solving various problems inherent in the present rubber industry.

Production of DIAPOL - WMB
DIAPOL - WMB is produced by co-coagulation of SBR latex, extender oil and carbon black under the wet dispersion process.
Characteristics of DIAPOL - WMB
Saving Mixing Time Using Banbury Mixer
Since carbon black is already dispersed in the WMB production process, the mixing time for obtaining the final compound can be reduced considerably. It is enough to give the mix to disperse additive polymer and rubber chemicals. The one-stage mixing method, which mixes WMB and rubber chemicals, is useful for saving time and maximizing production.
Conserving Electric Power
Shorter mixing time makes for less electric power consumption.
DIAPOL - WMB is an ideal and unique energy - saving product.
Preventing Polluting at Customers' Plants
Using WMB, less free carbon black is needed, so customers' plants are kept clean and the work environment improved.