REPEARL’s-Asahi Guard

The Industry Leader when it comes to C6 Water & Oil Repellent Performance Finishes announces the commericialization of all of our new Eco-Friendly fluorochemical grades that will take the textile, nonwoven, paper, laundry, stone care, and carpet markets by storm. The Global environment is important to all mankind and with our latest introduction of these chemicals we have superior performance with a new chemistry designed to be friendly to the environment. We call this Season to Season Protection.

Repearl’s-Asahi Guard products are designed from cutting edge eco-friendly technologies which are Bluesign ® approved. These stain repellents and soil release systems offer good performance to a wide range of applications including Tradtional Textiles and Apparel, Nonwovens for Medical and Filtration usages, Paper-grease-proofing FDA applications, Military apparel and gear, Carpet-both residential and commercial, and Outdoor Industrial Fabrics. Eco-friendly systems that we utilize make it possible- offering an EXTRAORDINARY LEVEL OF REPELLENCY to garments even after multiple launderings! Repearl’s-Asahi Guard is compatible with a wide range of finishing product products including wrinkle-free resins, anti-static finishes and stain-blocking systems. –IF YOU NEED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE-THEN YOU NEED REPEARL’S- ASAHI GUARD SEASON TO SEASON PROTECTION-

Repearl’s-Asahi Guard Fluorochemicals Selection by Fiber Composition and Hand

Fiber Composition Repearl’s Asahi Guard Grades that are Durable Finish Repearl’s Asahi Guard Grades that are Soft Hand Finish

F-14 D-3
E-061 E-082




Paper E-060, E-070, E-080
Non wovens E-300, E-400, E550D, E-600
Soil Release E-100
Carpet E-550D, E-600
Other Products AS-200, AS-300, AS-600 Anti-Stats, Repearl NRW Non Rewetter, Repearl Sil-Soft
FC 10, Repearl MF Cross-Linking Agent and Repearl FS-Fluorosurfactants

Repearl’s Asahi Guard Product Summaries:
Repearl’s Asahi Guard Grade No. % Solids [% F] Emulsifier Type Flash Point °C Description
E-100 20 Weakly
>100 High Oil Repellent Soil Release. Use on apparel, upholstery and Work wear
E-300D 30 Non-ionic >100 Extremely high durability WOR for synthetic blends as well having compatibility with nonwoven resin systems
E-400 20 Weakly Cationic >100 Durable Soft Hand Grade suitable for various textiles and nonwovens
E-500D 30 Weakly Cationic >100 Economical DWR suitable for synthetic fibers, cotton and cotton blends
E-550D 30 Non-ionic >100 More durable WOR versatile grade for textile, nonwovens and carpet applications
E-600 25 Amphoteric >100 Designed for Anti-Stat compatibility in Medical Nonwovens as well as various textile finishing chemicals
E-060 20 Cationic >100 FDA Approved Grease Resistant OR for use in size press applications
E-061 20 Cationic >100 Textile and Nonwoven WOR for cottons, and cotton blends with synthetics
E-080 15 Anionic >100 FDA approved Grease Resistant anionic grade for use in wet-end applications
E-082 20 Cationic >100 Textile and Nonwoven stain repellent finish for cotton and synthetics
E-904 20 Cationic >100 Textile, Nowovens stain repellent finish for cottons, synthetics and mineral fiber blends which enhances oil repellency

Repearl Grade Composition Description
AS-700 Polymeric amine compound Nonionic polymeric anti-static agent for use on fluorochemical treated synthetic fabrics.
MF Blocked isocyanate compound Formaldehyde-free cross-linking agent for durable fluorochemical finishes on cotton fabrics. Also, use in pigment pastes for low-crock pigment printing.


Thermoplastic isocyanate Formaldehyde free cross-linker for use on synthetics
Repearl FS Perfluoroalkyl fluorosurfactants A series of perfluoroalkyl fluorosurfactants for a wide range of applications. Call for additional information.